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Professional Landscape Services for Northern
Kentucky & the Cincinnati, Ohio Area

Landscape Design & Installation

At Berk’s Landscaping we specialize in residential landscape design and installation. If you value imaginative thinking and scrupulous attention to detail, you’ll be attracted to the way we work. Our designs create stunning and innovative landscapes that mesh with your lifestyle.

Our services include:

  • Landscaping project planning
  • Landscape design & installation
  • Plant installation
  • Outdoor Low Voltage Lighting

Landscape Design

If you have a new property or need to re-design the grounds of your current property, we have experts who work with residential projects. Our professional designs are admired for their beauty, longevity and ease of maintenance.

Custom Planting Plans

Great landscapes start with personalized planting plans that work for your property, your lifestyle and your area. We are skilled in both formal and naturalistic planting designs that combine horticultural and ecological knowledge to create beautiful year round landscapes.

Outdoor Low Voltage Lighting

If you’ve considered turning your landscape into a beautiful nightscape with low-voltage accent lighting, we can make that happen. Not only does landscape lighting enhance the aesthetics of your home or building but it also increases safety and security on your property.

Pool Settings

Our landscape designers can create the perfect landscape to compliment your pool areas. The combination of water and lush plants can make for an unforgettable backyard.

Call us today to start planning your new outdoor environment.