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Seasonal Tips


  • Watch closely for insect infestation and learn the signs of disease so that you can get either under control quickly. You can get help with identifying from a trained professional or your county agent.
  • Most plants require an average of one inch of water per week. Do not forget to assist Mother Nature through hot dry spells in the summer. It is best to water well once a week than shallow watering more frequent. This helps the root system to go down instead of growing horizontal trying to seek out moisture.


  • Mulch landscape beds for aesthetics and to help plants retain moisture throughout the summer.
  • Put a good trench edge on all landscape beds to keep grass and weeds from the lawn out of the bed.
  • Enjoy your gardens early by selecting plant varieties that bloom at different times of year.
  • Plant your annuals after Mother's Day to protect from cold nights.


  • Autumn is for clean up. It is important to remove leaves from beds not only to make sure pH levels do not change too much but also to help in the prevention of diseases which can harbor in the old leaves over winter.
  • It is also a good idea to cut back perennials for the same reasons but also it is easier for the gardener as you do not have to worry about damaging new growth as would in the spring.


  • Use burlap windscreens around less hardy plants if they're in exposed areas. Broadleaf evergreens can also be sprayed with an anti-transparent to protect leaves from drying out.
  • If ice or snow does break tree limbs, have them removed as soon as the weather permits as damaged trees are prone to diseases. Winter is also a good time to prune plants that may have had disease problems in the summer as the disease will not be spread while it is cold.
  • Use only nonsalt de-ices for sidewalks and driveways so the runoff doesn't harm plants.
  • Check perennials during thawing to see if the plant is popping out of the ground. If they have gently push them back into place.